Clients have said the following:

"We want to thank you for providing our daughter, with new opportunities. Since graduating from high school, she has completed her A.S. degree and is preparing to continue her study of early childhood education at a nearby college. None of this would have been possible without your insight and assistance. Thank you again for providing us with a blueprint and roadmap to navigate these unchartered waters."

"Dr. Goodell is a wealth of information for understanding language based learning disabilities. Before my son’s initial evaluation, we strongly surmised that he was dyslexic, despite the public school downplaying his difficulties. It was a both a relief and overwhelming to hear that he was severely dyslexic. The most helpful part of the consultation was the explanation of my son’s learning profile, both weaknesses and strengths. She was invaluable in helping us understand dyslexia and get him on track with appropriate services. Dr. Goodell followed our son from 3rd grade through high school. She guided us to be advocates for his future providing support and expertise along the way to navigate through the maze of special education. She also provided us with expert contacts with other professionals in a true team approach. Our son will have a successful and bright future with many thanks to Dr. Goodell!"

"I was finally able to get the answers needed to help my son with his disabilities. Honest and straightforward. The report was written in a way that was simple for a layman to understand. I received a lot of positive feedback from other professionals in the business, "This is a really good report." I have referred Dr. Goodell to several friends and they were happy with the services, too!"

"Dr. Goodell’s explanations of her assessments, her ability to articulate the implications of the testing and what they’re actually indicating, as well as her demeanor and calm style make the entire experience both educational, informative, insightful and enormously productive and helpful. Absolutely would highly recommend Dr. Goodell to others."

"In our opinion, Dr. Goodell is the best in her field. Aside from her intelligence, she is a gifted practitioner. Dr. Goodell cares for all those who seek her expertise. We have had 2 children tested. Both children were made comfortable--the testing tailored for each child. Everything was explained, the process smooth, the report was very comprehensive. Dr. Goodell treated us as if we were her top priority. She is exceptional. We feel she changed both our children’s learning experience (and lives) for the better. Our children now thrive thanks to her direction and dedication. We will forever be grateful."

"Dr. Goodell was a very positive force for me during a very difficult time for my family. She helped us begin a process that changed the course of our children’s lives. My children are now thriving in their new learning environment and I am forever grateful to Eliza for her information, direction, support, guidance and ability to help me find my own strength in the most positive way."

"Dr. Goodell’s caring and respectful advocacy for our daughter over the past year has helped her transition successfully, not only from one school to another, but within her own mind. Her self-confidence is (back) on the rise. She believes in her abilities and has a clear(er) understanding of how her brain works and why. She is learning to be a strong advocate for herself and it all began with Dr. Goodell. This process is so much more than testing and generating a report. Her holistic approach and impeccable follow-up were invaluable to our family. Thank you, Dr. Goodell—our gratitude runs deep!"

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